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VACOMASS® Flexcontrol

VACOMASS® Flexcontrol is a modular,  PLC-based system control system.

The control cabinet is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation; the operator interface is a 7 inch touch screen display with plant specific screens and menus.

VACOMASS®  Flexcontrol is an open control system and its outstanding feature is flexibility. It can easily be adapted to an existing or new wastewater treatment process.

VACOMASS®  Flexcontrol comprises of standardized modules which are individually based on control algorithms which are being used successfully around the world for many years. All modules are mounted on top hat (DIN) rails and can be changed easily by the operator.

Up to 10 control loops can be implemented in a control cabinet. An unlimited number of control cabinets can be combined so that smaller systems and larger wastewater treatment plants can use the same standardized and thus cost-effective modules. Each control loop has its own processor with software that is configured for the required task and works completely independently. This creates maximum operating security and flexibility. Therefore, cost-effective fine-tuning of control parameters for each individual control loop via remote access is possible.